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Q: What is Autographs To You?

A: Autographs To You is a platform where your fans can buy personalized autographs from their favorite celebrities, athletes, or influencers. Our mission is to create the most authentic and memorable fan experiences in the world.

Q: What photos will I be signing?

A: We will send you images for you to approve.  Once you approve images we list them on our site.  If you have images we do not have that you want listed you can email us the jpg or mail us a hard copy of the photo.  We pay cost of printing from our share of sales.

Q: What is the revenue split?

A: All of our talent is on the exact same revenue split.  We add $10 on-top of fee you charge (unless fee is over $50). If you charge over $50 we add on our fee of $10 per $50 you charge.  From this $10 fee we handle all payment and processing. In order to be fair to all of our talent, this is a non-negotiable rate.

Q: Are there costs associated with joining Autographs To You?

A: No! It's 100% FREE to sign up as talent.  We handle all payment and processing fees for you!  We also cover the thousands we spend on advertising.

Q: How time consuming is doing Autographs To You?

A: On average, it takes about 10 seconds to do an order!

Q: Why should I work with you over other sites doing same service?

A: Work with all the services you want.  We are non-exclusive and encourage you to work with others.  But note others depend on you to advertise their service on your social media.  We actually spend tens of thousands advertising our service.

Q: Does the agency fee get taken out of price I want per autograph?

A:  No we add our $10 fee on-top of what fee you want per autograph.  So if you charge $30 per autograph, you will receive $30 per autograph.

Q: How does a fan buy an autograph from Autographs To You's talent?

A: All of our talent can be found on our website – just search our categories, they pick the talent, fill out who it’s for, write your request and we do the rest.

Q: How will fans receive their autographs once it’s completed?

A: We send orders to you on the 1st and 15th of each month.  You Just sign photo to name requested and do inscription requested.  There will be post it note on back of each photo stating details for signing.  Once you sign photo give it 10 seconds to dry then put in the SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelop and give to your mail carrier.

Q: How long will do I have to fulfill my autograph requests?

A: Our talent is asked to fulfill requests within 7, however, they typically complete autographs within a few days.

Q: How will I know package is from you and not fan mail?

A: We notify you of sales en-route via email and text.  Also page from us will have a large return address label stating from Autographs To You.

Q: How much is an autograph?

A: The cost of each autograph is set individually by our talent, and therefore the price will range depending on who you request! Talent can change their price at any time but they will only be charged the price you booked it for.  We recommend you charge same fee you would charge a fan at an autograph convention.

Q: Can you suggest a price for talent to charge per autograph?

A: Yes!  Many of our talent like us to suggest a fair value for their autographs.

Q: Can I do autographs for charity?

A: Absolutely - we’ve found autographs are a great way to fundraise for your favorite charity! A number of people on Autographs To You have their funds sent to the charity of their choice.

Q: How is the price determined?

A: Talent sets their own price and can change it at any time!

Q: How can I make more money on Autographs To You?

A: We see an average of 500% plus increase in sales when talent lets their fans know that they’re on Autographs To You! An Instagram post, a swipe up on your Instagram story, Tweet, Facebook post, or mention/link on your YouTube or channel is a great way to significantly increase your sales!  We event create a banner and direct link for your fans.

Q: What type of talent are you looking to have on Autographs To You?

A: We’re always looking for great talent that wants to better engage with their fan base in a more personalized way, while creating moments that inspire for their fans!

Q: Will Autographs To You promote talent joining the platform?

A: Yes, we often promote our talent joining across our social media pages. We also spend thousands advertising our service.

Q: Is there any obligation to joining Autographs To You?

A: There is no obligation and you can leave the site at any time. However, our only ask is that you always complete Autographs To You requests to ensure the best possible fan experience.

Q: Is it possible to pause requests if I am traveling or busy?

A: Yes, you can make yourself temporarily unavailable, though please remember that you have 7 days to complete Autographs To You requests and because of the ease of our technology, you can do them from anywhere!

Q: Can you decline Autographs To You requests?

A: Yes! You can decline any request that you feel uncomfortable doing. You can also report requests in which case we may block an individual from requesting again.

Q: Will fans know my contact information if I do a Autographs To You?

A: No! We are your middle man. It’s important to us that we keep your personal information safe and secure.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: When we send you orders to fill we include a check with your payment.  So you are paid before you send orders.

Q: When I'm at events or get fan mail can I just tell fans to purchase from Autographs To You instead of signing?

A: YES!  90% of fan mail requests and autograph requests you get in person wind up on eBay.  So by signing for free you are just helping others make money off your generosity.

Q: What if I feel bad about charging my fans?

A: About 90% of our autographs are purchased as gifts for your biggest fans! You’re simply providing your fans with currently unobtainable moments that inspire, while monetizing your direct messages.  Plus this service helps your fans from being scammed into buying fake autographs.